Within 30 days before surgery complete the following:

· History and Physical Examination
· Lab Tests
· X-ray and EKG, if applicable
· Inform your insurance company that you will be having surgery. We will take care of pre-certification.

One week before surgery:

· Stop all medications containing aspirin, unless otherwise directed
· Stop all anti inflammatory medications such as Naprosyn, Advil,
Motrin, ibuprofen, Aleve
· Stop all antihistamines
· Call your physician right away if you develop a cold, sore throat,
or flu

You may use Tylenol/acetaminophen or prescribed pain medications not containing aspirin products

Day before surgery:

· Do not eat or drink after midnight
· No alcohol with dinner
· Remove nail polish and leave valuables at home
· Shower and shampoo the evening before surgery
· Ambulatory surgery will call you with time of check in for surgery

Morning of surgery

· No food or drink, except medications with sips of water (if instructed to take)
· Bring x-rays and MRI with you to hospital
· Dress comfortably
· Bring blank DVD if you wish video clips recorded of your surgery