Sports Medicine Specialist in Glenview is the website of Dr. Greg Portland, a sports medicine specialist in Glenview, Illinois, near Chicago. An orthopedic surgeon specializing in surgeries related to injuries commonly incurred by athletes or while playing sports, Dr. Portland was an Augustine Todd Scholarship recipient at the University of Virginia Medical School, and performed his internship and orthopedic surgery residency at Northwestern University's Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Studying in the area gave Dr. Portland great experience with amateur and professional athletes, doing knee and shoulder arthroscopy in Chicago.

Dr. Portland has hospital associations in the following area locations, which allow him to perform work on ACL injuries in Glenview and arthroscopic knee surgery in Chicago and surrounding areas:

  • Evanston Hospital
  • Glenbrook Hospital
  • Skokie Hospital
  • Ravine Way Surgery Center

Dr. Portland is an Illinois Bone and Joint Institute member in the Glenview division. His sports medicine center in Glenview is one of the many practice sites of IBJI in the greater Chicagoland area. IBJI specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and management of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, many of which can affect athletic performance or are the result of strenuous physical activity.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in Chicago

The knee is one of the more durable joints in the body, but it can also be one of the most easily damaged, especially in the field of athletics. A quick cut on a football field, planting your foot just wrong, can cause damage that in past years was irreparable. Dr. Greg Portland is one of many surgeons performing arthroscopic knee surgery in Chicago. This sports medicine specialist, in Glenview and other surrounding towns in the Chicagoland area, has helped many athletes get back on their feet.

Dr. Portland performs many surgeries in the area, all with a steady hand and keen eye. He is a specialist in the following:

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