Rotator Cuff Surgery in Chicago

The rotator cuff of the shoulder is susceptible to injuries incurred during athletic activity, especially repetitive motions like throwing a football or baseball. Pitchers and quarterbacks are particularly prone to rotator cuff problems, but hockey players are also susceptible because of the repetitive motion of shooting the puck.

Dr. Greg Portland is a sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon who performs rotator cuff surgery in Chicago area clinics. Based in Glenview, the doctor's website offers helpful information about conditions of the shoulder and knee and the surgeries that are performed to alleviate the issues. Currently, Dr. Greg Portland most often performs rotator cuff surgery in Glenview clinic the Ravine Way Surgery Center.

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Info About the Rotator Cuff

A collection of muscles originating on or about the shoulder blade make up what is known as the rotator cuff, anchoring on the ball of the ball and socket joint. Attached tendons can be damaged by generalized use, overuse, or injuries.

The most common injury to the area comes from tendon damage, either swelling or outright tearing of the tendon. Once the tendon is damaged, it continues to be agitated by the acromion, a portion of the shoulder blade. The bursa sac overlaying the tendon can become inflamed as well, causing further damage and pain.

Determining whether or not surgery is necessary should be left up to an orthopedist. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is the test of choice in determining rotator cuff damage. Ultrasound, CT arthrograms, and examining a patient's history and symptoms and performing a physical examination are all helpful in making a diagnosis.

If it is necessary, Dr. Greg Portland can perform rotator cuff surgery in Glenview area clinic the Ravine Way Surgery Center. There are also a number of other surgeons capable of performing rotator cuff surgery in Chicago and surrounding areas who are members of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. Please continue reading, or view the educational videos on the sit