Patella Surgery in Glenview

While there are many problems that can occur with the knee, it is rare that an instance might occur necessitating patella surgery. In Glenview, Dr. Greg Portland can provide expert opinions on whether a surgery is necessary.

The patella is the scientific name for the kneecap, which is held in place by the quadriceps and patellar tendons. Ligaments on either side also help stabilize the kneecap. Patellar tracking disorder, which is caused by a problem with the bones, muscles or ligaments around the patella, is often treated by non-surgical measures, but sometimes it is necessary to perform patella surgery. In Glenview, Dr. Portland performs these operations at the Ravine Way Surgery Center.

Problems develop with structural problems in the legs. Misalignment of the femur or a shallow femoral groove may result in the kneecap slipping out of place. Weakness in the quadriceps can also pull the kneecap to one side. Patella injury can also result in the lateral retinaculum pulling the kneecap out of its normal track. Symptoms of patellar tracking disorder include a dislocated kneecap or damaged cartilage that causes pain.

To learn whether or not surgery is necessary, consult your physician. Read on to learn about meniscus surgery in Glenview.

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Meniscus Surgery in Glenview

A tear in the meniscus can only truly be rectified with arthroscopic meniscus surgery. In Glenview, Dr. Portland can perform this surgery or recommend a doctor who can.

The meniscus is a very important part of the knee that serves the same purpose as the shock absorber does on a car, dissipating stress as it is loaded. It provides stability to the knee while lessening stress on joint cartilage.

Steps for Meniscus Repair:

  1. Identifying proper tear
  2. Sutures placed through the knee using arthroscopy
  3. Bioabsorbable implant placed
  4. Suture with a knot collected outside the knee
  5. Knot is tensioned
  6. Meniscus is repaired