Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy in Chicago

Arthroscopic surgery is an important aspect of sports medicine, as many injuries suffered by athletes involve the tearing of ligaments in shoulder and knee joints. For most athletes, the knees are the most important part of the body, because agility and quickness come from the ability of the knee to properly flex, give way, and maintain strength. Shoulders are important too, especially for baseball players and football quarterbacks.

Dr. Greg Portland is an orthopedic surgeon who performs knee and shoulder arthroscopy in Chicago and surrounding areas. Having worked with a number of professional and collegiate sports teams and athletic organizations, Dr. Portland understands the importance of knee and shoulder arthroscopy. In Glenview, at the Ravine Way Surgery Center, he currently practices sports medicine.

Dr. Portland performs arthroscopic surgery in Chicago and surrounding areas at three other locations-Evanston Hospital, Glenbrook Hospital, and Skokie Hospital-as well. If you believe you might need arthroscopic surgery, in Chicago or Glenview, feel free to contact the doctor for more information.

Injury Prevention

While it can be one way to rectify an injury, one should not look only to knee and shoulder arthroscopy. In Chicago, the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute offers physical therapy locations that teach core strengthening and stretching programs to help prevent injuries to the knee and shoulder. Arthroscopy in Glenview's Ravine Way Surgery Center should be the last resort; prevention should be first.

Researchers are also looking into different tools to help prevent swimming or throwing shoulder injuries that can reduce the likelihood of the need for arthroscopic shoulder surgery. In Glenview, IBJI and Dr. Portland Are investigating this.

If you have tried everything else, and must take the next step, learn more about arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Glenview at the Ravine Way Surgery Center by contacting Dr. Greg Portland today.

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