A number of things may be done to help prevent injury. Core strengthening and stretching programs may be taught at one of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute Physical Therapy locations. In addition, a number of our sports specific therapists are performing cutting edge research investigating different tools to help prevent injuries to the shoulder (swimming or throwing), injuries about the pelvis (hamstring injuries), and injuries to the knee (ACL tears). This research is being applied to injury prevention with early promising results.

The video clip below illustrates an athlete responding to this treatment. The clip on the left shows an athlete preintervention. Note how her knees buckle to the inside as she is rocked on the Proprio 5000 machine. This buckling, or valgus inclination, indicates poor core strength and proprioceptive feedback that may play a role in the development of muscle and tendon injuries in addition to ACL tears. The same athlete is seen on the right postintervention. Note how stable her base is with the elimination of this valgus inclination.

Video -- Dr. Portland Proprio Demo

In addition, a number of our therapists have been instructed in Jump and Land programs. These have been shown nationwide to decrease the incidence of ACL injuries. We have been active in helping provide instruction to a number of local schools and clubs to prevent ACL injuries.


Athletes interested in fine-tuning mechanics for throwing in order to maximize velocity and minimize injuries may be interested in a throwing evaluation. The image below shows one of many images used to determine the appropriate position of the shoulder, trunk, and plant leg in throwing. Feedback to the athlete to correct mechanical flaws combined with strengthening and flexibility will hopefully achieve this goal.


The above techniques are but a few of the services that may be provided to help athletes achieve their goal of maximal performance with minimizing the risk of injury.

For information regarding the above, please contact Dr. Portland via his nurse at 847-724-4074 or through the main line at 847-998-5680.