View Animated Arthroscopy Surgery Video in Glenview Office

The Glenview office of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Greg Portland is located in the Ravine Way Surgery Center. There, or here at Dr. Portland's website, you can view animated arthroscopy surgery video. In Glenview, Dr. Portland is the premier arthroscopic surgeon and sports medicine practitioner, having gained experience working with Chicago area sports franchises during his residency and internship and Australian Rules Football players during his fellowship abroad.

Much can be learned from the animated arthroscopy surgery video. In Glenview, and around the Chicagoland area, residents trust Dr. Portland with their knees and shoulders. The video, which can be viewed either with or without narration, goes through the steps of various knee and shoulder surgeries, explaining both the process and the reasoning behind the way things are done. Dr. Portland believes patients should be educated about what they are going to undergo ahead of time, to understand the importance of certain aspects of the procedures. The video can be viewed under the Patient Education tab on the site.

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Labrum Surgery in Glenview

The function of the labrum within the shoulder joint is to deepen the socket and stabilize the ball within the socket. A tear in the labrum, particularly a posterior labral tear, can be caused by certain dislocations, falls, and repetitive overhead sports related movements. Another video on Dr. Portland's site illustrates the anatomy of the shoulder, the various parts, and what might necessitate labrum surgery in Glenview's Ravine Way Surgery Center.

Often, it is not necessary for a doctor to perform labrum surgery. In Glenview and throughout the Chicago area, doctors of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute often recommend trials of rest, ice, activity avoidance, and physical therapy, only recommending surgery if pain persists. To learn more, please continue reading the site, or contact Dr. Greg Portland today.

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