Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in Chicago is the website of Dr. Greg Portland, a Chicago area sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon who is a practicing member of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. The site offers helpful information and illustration of commonly performed orthopedic surgeries and can be a valuable resource for patients considering whether or not such a procedure is necessary.

One of the site's narrated videos is on arthroscopic knee surgery. In Chicago, Dr. Portland has worked with a number of sports teams and athletic organizations, and has gained quite a bit of experience performing these procedures. He currently performs arthroscopic knee surgery in Glenview at the Ravine Way Surgery Center.

By viewing the Medical Patient Education System on the site, patients can view a detailed recreation by animation of arthroscopic knee surgery. In Glenview, patients can visit the doctor at his office in the Ravine Way Surgery Center. A brief rundown of what will occur during ACL reconstruction arthroscopic knee surgery in Chicago area facilities can be seen here:

  • Incision made to the front of the knee to expose the patella and patellar ligament
  • Portion of the patellar ligament removed and autografted to replace damaged ACL
  • Incision closed
  • Arthroscope (small camera) used to see inside the knee and position new ACL correctly
  • Damaged ACL cleared away
  • Guide pin inserted, used to recreate ACL
  • Graft inserted via guide pin and secured by screws

Videos are available illustrating this and other surgeries Dr. Portland and members of the IBJI perform. Other videos include Lateral Release and Medial Imbrication, Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy, arthroscopic bankart and rotator cuff repair, and total shoulder replacement, as well as illustrations of the anatomy of the knee and shoulder.

For more information, please view the Patient Education portion of the site, or contact Dr. Portland today.