ACL Injury Treatment in Glenview

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, present an odd situation. Whereas in most situations surgery should only be a last resort due to the risks involved, in the case of an ACL tear, depending upon the age and activity level of the patient, surgery is actually the more conservative option for ACL injury treatment. In Glenview, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. Greg Portland, M.D., performs ACL reconstruction surgery at the Ravine Way Surgery Center, one of the premier facilities in the greater Chicago area.

If surgery is not chosen, the recommended treatments involved bracing the knee and physical therapy to strengthen it against the pain or further damage that can occur as a result of the ligament tear. A torn ACL can often result in further injury, including the tearing of other ligaments or the meniscus that acts as the knee's "shock absorber." Preventing these further injuries is one of the main purposes of the therapy and bracing. If these further injuries have already occurred and the patient is young and physically active, surgery is definitely the recommended ACL injury treatment. In Glenview, Dr. Portland can perform the surgery or recommend another member of the IBJI (Illinois Bone and Joint Institute).

Timing and Graft Selection

One of the key aspects of performing a successful reconstruction surgery is timing. A knee must be "ready" to be operated on, meaning that it has no redness or swelling and virtually all of its motion. This is why it is important not to push to perform the surgery too early.

Grafts for the new ligament can come from three choices:

  • Patellar tendon
  • Hamstring tendon
  • Allograft

The success rate of each is equal and the recommendation will be made based on the amount of material needed; thus, it depends upon the particular patient.

To learn more, please view our reconstruction video to see exactly what happens in a typical ACL reconstruction surgery.